We’re sorry to hear that you’re leaving us, but we understand that life circumstances change. If there is anything we may do to change your mind, please kindly let us know.

Things to know before you submit your 30 Day Notice to Move Out:

1. It is understood that this notice is required by California Civil Code section 1946 and that, except as provided by law, rent shall be due and payable to and including the date of termination or 30 days after service of this notice upon the Landlord.

2. The Security Deposit may not be used as the last month’s rent.

3. All Leaseholders and occupants must agree to this request to move out; the Landlord reserves the right to evict any occupants in the premises past the expired lease term.

4. 30 days is calculated starting on the day after this request is submitted, all days are calendar days.

    Home Address

    Contact Number


    Why are you moving out?

    Is there anything we can do to get you to stay?

    Is there anything we can improve on so we may be a better housing provider?

    Mail my security deposit refund to (forwarding address):

    Name of Leaseholder Submitting Request

    Things to know after your 30 Day Notice to Move Out submission:

    1. Within 2 business days of your move-out request, we will email you a form titled “Reply to 30-Day Notice” informing you of your rent balance. Additionally, there will be a form allowing you to request an initial move-out inspection.

    2. Please remember to forward mail to your new mailing address by informing the post office at USPS.com.

    3. Please properly dispose of all trash and/or bulky items prior to moving out, you will be charged for the disposal of any items left behind.

    4. Your move-out is complete after you return the house keys and we confirm that all occupants have moved out.

    5. Within 21 days of your move-out, we will mail you your security deposit refund with an itemized list of deductions. You may review the CA Security Deposit Statute for more information regarding your security deposit refund.